Episode #3 – Freudian Times

Today, finally, the third episode of Vulpia Radio Corona. We are joined by Lennart Freud, distant family member of the big daddy of psychoanalysis. Lennart is a historian by trade, interested in geo-politics and transatlantic relations, but also works as a consultant for small- and medium-sized enterprises. We talk about the difficult situation entrepreneurs and self-employed people are in, the effects of the government relief package, the WHO, American politics and the corrosion of the liberal world order. And who does Lennart prefer, Vivaldi or Travis Scott?

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Episode #2 - NUKE THAT CURVE

Has it already been a week? The Vulpia boys are back, for a very special episode. We discuss the latest updates, with a focus on America, in which the corona-crisis has (like all things) become completely politicized. Our friend Daan is calling in, a med-student currently screening patients at hospitals. We discuss herd immunity, ‘the hammer and the dance’, flexible social distancing and all the creativity that is being unleashed by the current crisis. Including our new obsession - 8D music. 

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Vulpia Radio Corona Episode #1

Our very first show! We introduce ourselves, share the latest updates around the virus and have a very special guest calling in from Venice. We introduce the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, with special attention to the concept of antifragility. Finally, we share some community initiatives that you can join to help yourself and others out in this crisis. Enjoy!

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